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Frank McComb Set To Release New House Single “So Much Love To Share” featuring DJ Kemit

International Jazz Recording Vocalist, Frank McComb has done it again!


The multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer is set to release his first house single “So Much Love To Share” featuring DJ Kemit on September 30th.


Noire got an exclusive opportunity to listen to and review this track pre-launch and we are certain that the “house heads” will love this tune!


The introduction to the song provides the appropriate backdrop for what’s to come, which is a hard-hitting drum stem by the one and only DJ Kemit.  Then the bass drops and you have an all-out groove session in full swing.


With Frank on vocals while simultaneously playing a Fender Rhodes electric piano, this song begins to rock out early in the record.  Frank’s keyboard skills are undeniable as he moves through sections of the song which have distinct syncopations at just the right time.


This is classic Frank McComb – with a twist! As usual, his vocals are on point as he effortlessly takes you on a musical journey as only he can.  Bump this tune in your QSC speakers and you have an instant party!  This is straight jamming for over 6 minutes – and you will love every minute of it.


The ending to the song will leave you wanting more!


Produced and tracked by Frank McComb with drum stem and guidance by DJ Kemit, and licks  by Guitarist David P. Stevens, “So Much Love To Share” will prove to be a certified hit with House Music faithfuls as well as those who love quality music.


“So Much Love To Share” will be available for downloads everywhere on September 30th.  Do yourself a favor and share the love!



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  1. LaMont says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to vibe to this! Think I’ll make a special trip to Moods Music today : ). Blessings!

    1. mynoiremagazine says:


      Great! As you know, Frank McComb is a great musician! He will always have our support!

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