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Girls Trip

The highly-anticipated release of Girls Trip did not disappoint.


Directed by Malcolm D. Lee and produced by Malcolm D. Lee and Will Packer, this film effectively blends humor and drama in a way that keeps the interest of movie-goers.


When four life-long friends who have always been there for each other start to drift apart, Ryan (Regina Hall) capitalizes on a business opportunity and invites her girls to join her at the Essence Festival in New Orleans for the weekend. Little did she know that weekend would turn into a wild one that she won’t soon forget.


The chemistry between these four ladies is undeniable. We already know that Jada and Queen Latifah vibe well together (remember Set It Off?) but add in Regina and Tiffany and you have a strong sisterhood of women who support one another – no matter what.


Although this was clearly a comedy, there was a good balance of substantive content to take away. Believing in oneself, failed partnerships (business and personal) new opportunities and forgiveness all play a role in this film. There is something relatable about this movie and that’s what make it a must-see!


Girls Trip accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: shock and amuse. Along the way, it reminds us how important old friends can be.

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