Worth It All

Jeffrey Osborne’s voice undoubtedly defined an era, launched worldwide romances and created a lasting connection with fans and musicians alike, and it’s about to happen again, on the wings of Osborne’s new album, “Worth It All” which was released last month. The album collection includes all original songs; the first “original” album tracks in more than 10 years.


Osborne began his career as the lead singer of the popular L.T.D. Band and after more than ten years with the influential group, embarked on his solo career. His charismatic voice as a solo artist brought him four Grammy Award nominations, five gold and platinum albums, and three hit singles, including his debut self-titled album “Jeffrey Osborne,” “Stay With Me Tonight,” and “Only Human.”


Worth It All is a vibrant and thoughtfully romantic project in which Osborne (70) reflects on his 35-plus years of marriage and sets said thoughts to a richly robust and diversified palate of sumptuous soul music. The album features special guests Gerald Albright on saxophone, Rick Braun on trumpet and includes a sexy, rainy night scenario song entitled “Work It,” co-written by son, Jeffrey Osborne Jr.


“Originally, instead of this album, I was going to do a Smooth Jazz record. Then I realized the songs I was writing were Old School R&B and I went back to what I do best. I figured it was time for me to get back to R&B. I wanted to do a grown folks record.”


For the project, Osborne, who penned all the tracks, tapped such special guests as Gerald Albright on saxophone and Rick Braun on trumpet. There is also a song entitled “Work It,” co-written by his son, Jeffrey Osborne, Jr. This new album isn’t just full of Osborne’s trademark love ballads, there are some up-tempo songs such as “Let a Brotha Know,” “Just Can’t Stand It” and “Stay the Way You Are.”


“I wanted this to be a real heartfelt album. My strength is singing R&B ballads; I am known for ballads, so it kind of took on that flavor, but I wanted to explore different relationships,” says Osborne and he did just that with “The Greatest Night” and “Your Lover.”  The title track, “Worth it All,” takes on the challenges of going through the ups and downs of a long-term relationship. “Love is worth putting out a few fires every now and then,” says Osborne. “This is what that song is about.”


With his latest collection, the singer/songwriter/producer continues his legacy of creating classics such as “I Really Don’t Need No Light” “On the Wings of Love,” “Stay With Me Tonight,” “We’re Going All The Way,” “Love Power” (a duet with Dionne Warwick), “You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)” and “Only Human.”  While this is Osborne’s first R&B CD in over 10 years, he has remained on the scene and has consistently traveled and performed over the years.

In a time when the music industry seems to be in disarray, it’s good to know that classic R&B music continues to be available for those who want to hear it!


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